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Urban Jam

Great break "warmed up to red" downtown Sofia. The dancers from the newest Olympic sport were part of the big sports festival of the new city disciplines, organized by "Sofia - European Capital of Sport". Under the motto "Sport in your city" on Sunday afternoon in the Prince's Garden near the Eagle Bridge, the dynamics and emotions were at their max with some of the most beloved and popular among young people street races. appeared after the health crisis enthusiasts.
The participants in the 3x3 basketball tournament started at noon, immediately after which the area was taken over by the virtuosos of street workout and parkour. The legendary Yordan Yovchev and his "enthusiastic" boys in these disciplines have also been waiting for the end of the health measures and this sports festival for a long time. Under the gaze of thousands of citizens walking on Sunday afternoon, the masters of  the city parkour received a standing ovation with breathtaking jumps, somersaults and spins. Due to the rain, some of the activities were moved and ended in Triaditsa Hall and other halls in the capital.
Participants, spectators and guests were welcomed by the new Bulgarian star in the short track Katrin Manoilova, who this year is the face of the campaign "Sofia - European Capital of Sport" and by Anatoli Iliev - Deputy Chair of the initiative. 
The icing on the cake were the big attractions in a break tournament. The latest Olympic discipline gathered nearly 300 children and young people for demonstration performances with a special DJ. First the participants in the group under 18 presented themselves, then those over 18 and finally the group dances. The break will broadcast its first Olympic champions at the Paris Games in 2024, and 3 years ago in Buenos Aires it was a demonstration sport for the debut at the Youth Olympics. After a long break, the best breakers in our country have gathered for the first time in the Urban area.


First National BreakING Tournament

The Bulgarian Break Federation, which two days ago was officially accepted as a member of BOC, held its first National Break Tournament in Sofia with a view to the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024, a BGNES reporter reported. At the end of last year, the break was officially accepted into the Olympic family and entered the program of the Games in the French capital, which ambitions the native Federation to step up and meet the necessary criteria to send native athletes to international tournaments.
Today's tournament in Arena Armeec-2 brought together breakers of different ages from all over the country to broadcast the first national champions in break. "The idea of the tournament is to invite as many participants from all over the country as possible, to broadcast the champions in age categories from the youngest to the oldest. to raise the interest in the break and to have greater mass and accessibility for the practitioners ", shared the President of the Federation Kalin Kalinov.

Judges of today's competition were some of the first breakers in Bulgaria, who are known around the world for their performances.

The tournament is held with the support of "Sofia 2018 - European Capital of Sport", "Serdika", ReBrand and FlagFlag.

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Funk busters

The first break tournament "Funk Busters" was held on July 31 in Razgrad, part of the national rounds of the Bulgarian Break Federation. More than 70 participants from all over the country took part in the tournament. Participants were divided into several categories: girls 6-9 years; girls 10-12 years; girls 13-15 years; girls 16-18; girls 19-34; boys 6-9 years; boys 10-12 years; boys 13-15 years; boys 16-18 years; boys 19-34 years; 35+ men. In addition to the age categories, there were two other group categories - Crew battles and a showcase. The event was organized by SBC "Shadows", with the support of Razgrad Municipality, CPRL-CRD, Pool "Patconsult", "Patconsult" Ltd., Print Express Razgrad, digital marketing agency Marketing Vision, Red Bull, Alpha-Chem, SAV-Razgrad, Pharma team, Pavlina Tsoncheva, GAMI store and Dzhipo Dzhipov.

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